An update.

Okay, long time no update I guess. But there’s been a few significant things that have happened since my last update. I’m still winning, still going strong… Still fighting against the stupid stuff people throw at me. I’ve changed the theme of the website cause this one looks nicer basically. I’m doing things that you may say are wrong, things that are illegal, but fuck it, this is my life. Everyone else can FUCK OFF.

I’ve luckilly gone back to my old ways, my ways of not giving a fuck about anything. This is my life, this is how it should be. You or anyone else can’t tell me what to do, and if you try I’ll just say “no, this is what I’m doing..”.

There’s people out there at the moment who are childishly not speaking to me and people also that want to “sort me out”. You people can get on with it, as far as I’m concerned. Especially when it didn’t even affect you, dickheads.

Anyway, leaving school soon which is good news.. Don’t have to put up with that shit anymore then, and move on to a new part of my life which will be studying Music Technology at college. So, anyway, there are a lot of things I’m going to miss at school, and a lot of people, so I did get myself a leavers book. Because my school is set up like Hogwarts, we are split in to houses, and my head of house, and one of the best teachers in the school wrote me this poem… So thanks for this:

So here is a poem of truth and style,
About a young man called Niall.
He is so adapt at taking the pee,
And buggering up systems during IT.
His conflicts at school at times were a slog,
Yet there they are recorded on his popular blog.
But now it’s my turn and I’m not taking the piss,
I’m proud to know you, Mr Niall Davies.
– Mr Jones

You can see why I put this on here, and although I again recently fell out with certain teachers at my school, I’m not going to be posting it on my blog.

Keep Activism Going guys, stay strong, together we can win the battle…

Niall x

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