What happens now?

Now is a strange time. I’ve left school, which is a good thing, but there are going to be things that I’ll miss about it. Many of my friends I only see at school, and it’s sorta scary that I’ll probably not see them again for a long time. However, there are a lot of people I want to stay in touch with, many of them went out on Friday in the event a friend called “Goodbye School, Hello Alcohol” :L. There are people who I wish to stay in touch with, people who I have been friends with for almost 5 years, people I’ve been friends with since I started nursery… but some of them are people I’ve got to let go… Mainly because of my own stupid mistakes.

I’ve done wrong, I’ll admit it, I’m sorting things out though, no word of a lie, I want to sort things out as soon as possible but It’s going to take time. Sadly, because of my mistakes, people have given up on me, I’d have thought that someone who’s known me for that long would have it in their heart to forgive, but it’s not going to happen, as far as I can see.

Ah well, back to doing my usual things of listening to music, working on an album and being out with the mates who are just complete legends.

See you all in the next post,


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