Democracy doesn’t work

Well, I’m a true believer that if something is right, then it should happen, and if it is wrong then it shouldn’t. This seems understandable, but, we all have different judgements of what is right and what is wrong. It’s all part of the morales we learn from society. It is an environmental thing that we gain which lets us decide when something is right or not, and this can be generated from your parents, circle of friends, people you don’t like and these days, the internet. We’re supposed to have a right to morally judge something ourselves, but if we judge it wrong in someone elses eyes, it is like we get our right to free-speech taken from us, and then what do you do? This is why the Woody Guthrie sang “This land is your land”, because it was drilled into America’s heads that the government ran the country and that was the end of it. Where as in reality, a country belongs to it’s people, the government only represents the country, which is what Woody Guthrie was trying to say. We have the choice to vote who we want to run the country, but the parties make false policies, which never go live – Just like the lib dems said they were going to cut university fees and didn’t. (By the way, if *anyone* votes Lib Dems in the next election, I will be amazed). Lots of parties are right-wing dickheads like the BNP, which again, I see as wrong (of course) because they’re racist. But, some people obviously think that is morally right, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. It’s how we differ. There’s no true democracy, because there’s never going to be a system that the whole country wants.

An interesting discussion I had yesterday with a Mr Aidan Howard, whos poems are quite interesting. (not the same guy who did my music video for me) we were talking about the failures of democracy and the power of the press in elections.

He said “One of the main reasons that the US is so big on “democratisation” is because democracies are so easily manipulated. The ignorant masses are easily conned with endless petty “bribes” and goodies. “We promise you this” and “we promise you that” and we buy into it… like sheep.” and it’s so true. We hear something, believe it, vote, and then don’t get it. They should make a policy where if you say you’re going to do something in government, you *have* to do it. But that will never happen.

But also, the newspapers and news websites control who people vote for, if they’ve been bribed by Labour, or if Conservative have pissed them off, they will spend time producing headlines which say Conservatives are bad, and Labour is good, and vise versa. Especially when the media is near enough controlled by Mr Rupert Murdoch in this country. We have no free speech here. We have no democracy. This should tell everyone that, democracy doesn’t work. All you have to do is listen to “It says here” by Billy Bragg and you will realise that even in the past, the newspapers have aimed to control the country. Except back then, you knew if a newspaper was Tori or Labour. You knew the “working mens club” was for Labour, and the “conservative club” was tori. Things are different these days, but democracy has never, and will never work. Because you can’t make everyones voice heard, especially when their views are not just morally wrong, but illegal.

Anyway, hope this post had some point.

Niall x

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