Mistakes – Aidan Howard & Niall Davies as “Not Applicable”

A song by Aidan Howard & Niall Davies titled “Mistakes”. Album coming sometime whenever we make the rest of it.

Recorded with Reason 6.5, a Lexicon Alpha Audio Interface, a Behringer C1 Microphone and a Casio MIDI keyboard. Piano and strings played in MIDI by Niall Davies. Guitars recorded in through the Audio Interface (an electro acoustic and an electric) and played by Aidan Howard. Song co-wrote between Aidan Howard and Niall Davies and the song was written, arranged, recorded, produced, uploaded AND played on the radio within 24 hours. Thanks to all the support we’ve been getting.

Not Applicable was a project I started with Aidan Howard in December 2012, though it is no longer being pursued. It was mainly just Aidan and I doing covers of songs in an acoustic style, with me playing the keyboard and him playing guitar. Aidan is an amazing singer also great to work with, and many people have commented on Aidan’s falsetto in our own song Mistakes.

There was a video but for some reason it got deleted from YouTube and neither me or Aidan have the file.

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