I am very sorry to tell you all that I messed up, I messed up with life, I messed up with the music. I like some of the lyrics but lets be honest, I could’ve done better with the music and the recording. So, what I’m gong to do – I’m going to re-record ALL of the songs on Taking Another Placebo, plus record NEW songs (and some old) and put them on a new album that will be released either in late 2013 or early 2014. Also this album will be available on Spotify, iTunes, amazon etc. I am going to go the full way this time. A new website of mine may follow. Thanks to all the support that everyone has given to me in the past year or so in my solo music, it’s been a great help – and to reward everyone that bought “Taking Another Placebo” I’m willing to sell the new album BEFORE it’s out to those people, and I won’t charge anything except postage (which is obvious why).

Thanks, Niall Davies.

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