So, Thatcher is dead…

Right, so Margaret Thatcher is dead now (as confirmed by and I won’t go too much down the route of “she should burn in hell” or play “ding dong the witch is dead” but, as some people don’t know why she is hated so much, let me explain.

In 1971, Margaret Thatcher took milk away from school children – she became known as the “milk snatcher” which I prefer to to call her than the “Iron Lady” as many people will know her. She closed the mines, took away the power of the trade unions (which we need in a country, because if there are no trade unions then – there’s no voice for the working class). She sold off the trains, the electricity board and the gas board to private companies to create short term profit for the country (yes, she made billions of pounds by doing this – but by doing this, she then took away a means of profit to the country). She introduced the “right to buy” which we still have today, which meant you could buy council houses at a low rate to make people feel richer and that they actually owned something. Now the ability to buy a council house could be argued as a good thing, as it got people on to the property ladder that wouldn’t have been able to buy a house before – but if you look at the problem we’re having with housing at the minute then you should understand that *she* caused this. The shortage of council houses IS her fault. If she didn’t sell off the council houses to get short term gain for the country, then now, people would be able to have their own houses without waiting years on the council list.

Yes, the governments we have had since haven’t helped with the whole situation (leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for the labour party specifically) as they have just continued to run the country into the ground. We rely on a banking system in this country at the minute – which is great… WHEN the country is doing well, but when the country is struggling and we’re in recession (like we are now) we can’t rely on these bankers who are gambling with the country’s money. The only way to solve the issue of the country as I see it is that we bring manufacturing back to this country. Basically, let’s say that we pull out of the EU, and set a date where we will refuse to buy imports that can be made and/or produced in Britian and only import things that we need to. What will this do? It will grow our export market, it will bring jobs to workers, it will mean people will be spending more money – and the things they’re spending their money on will be made her – so therefore making a positive multiplier effect.

Now I think that celebrating Margaret Thatchers death is all well and good – she destroyed our country. But, we can’t change what happened back then while she was our prime minister. We have to focus on what’s happening now! Our current leader David Cameron, seems to follow in the footsteps of Thatcher and is as right wing as we’re going to get. He’s creating false hopes amongst people in this country – making us think that the way he is working will actually pull us out of recession and help – And yes, it might do – it might help in the short term like what Margaret Thatcher did… But we need to be thinking about the long term future. This is our country, and our future – and as we know, no matter who you vote for, the government always win. But think about your choice wisely when the next election comes up – and if you don’t vote, if you’re apathetic, then it’s going to be down to you (not as an individual, but as a collective of non-voters) that cause the fall of England, if it hasn’t fell already.

Thanks for reading, and if you’re pro-Thatcher, or don’t know who she is, I suggest you actually do your research before you slate people on the internet for wanting to party after her death.


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