DJ Niall / Nia-Oke.

I offer a DJ service for parties, weddings, etc. It was formally marketed as “Nia-oke” for a college project (hense the logo).

I don’t just specialize in karaoke, I can cater for anyone’s needs, and offer a bespoke DJ service with a mixer, amp, 200w speakers and a selection of lights that light up the floor and ceiling.

I have always had a love for karaoke, as I have grown up in a family that does too. I don’t just do karaoke though, I also do a DJ set and then if anyone wants to sing, they can grab a microphone and ask me the song – as long as I have the song they can sing it, and it never fails to get a laugh when someone’s had too many drinks and they’re singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” at the top of their voice, so loud in fact that everyone can hear them and the microphone is off.

I am happy to set up at any function room or house party, and I have past experience of not just doing this, but also of working in a bar called “Cloud 9″ in the small tourist village of Neuvo Horizonte in Fuerteventura.

I am competitively priced, but also I try my best to suit your needs. To get a quote for an event, please call 07445676109 or email or if you have any questions, or wish to leave a testimonial or review – please comment below.




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