NDBackupScript v0.2

So, following on from the previous update where I posted a useful batch file to back up files to a specified drive, I have now continued to work on this script and can confirm that it is now possible to backup the files to any location specified. It writes a log file and now has improved error handling. Also, I copied in a fun script which enters the matrix… have a look!

You can download NDBackupScript from https://www.nd.me.uk/filez/backup_script/ – This place will also be updated with any newer versions of the script. It has only been made for use for me at home, so feel free to steal it, put your own name on it, or whatever – but please don’t expect support from me if it goes wrong!

Backs up any of the following:

  • User profile (C:\Users\%username%) BACKUPTYPE=USER-%username%
  • Full HDD/drive (E:\) BACKUPTYPE=FullHDD-<Drive>
  • Custom (specify own location) BACKUPTYPE=CUSTOM-<Custom name>

Backups will then be named with the following format: YYYY-MM-DD-%computername%-[BACKUPTYPE]-script to the desired location.

The command is just one of ROBOCOPY, and this also outputs a log file. Log files for this can be found either in the backup directory or in %temp%\NDBackupScript

In the next update for this, 0.3, I will be adding the ability to select whether or not to copy hidden files or folders.

The code is as follows, feel free to copy it into a notepad and save it as NDBackupScriptv0.2.bat, then double click the file. Alternatively, you can download v0.2 here

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