Spreading awareness of ADHD & Aspergers: Bateman.ML

So a few weeks ago, a friend and work colleague of mine, Sam Bateman, shared a post to his Facebook to say that he had recently been campaigning for awareness of ADHD & Asperger’s syndrome. Amazingly, he has gone to the effort of getting interest from a local Stoke-On-Trent charity Fixers who are going to help him improve the services around mental health and learning difficulties in the Stoke-On-Trent area. A cause which I feel very strongly about, being involved with mental health services throughout my life.

He has done something very brave in setting up a website to share his progress towards the cause and to help spread awareness of mental health and learning difficulties. This is something I feel we will never get enough of, I am a strong believer that the better our awareness of one another, the better a society we can be. You can see details of his campaign here – and regular updates posted to his blog.

I would like to share this because of my support towards this cause, and I wish all the best to him and Fixers, and the campaign. Because of my belief in the campaign and it’s cause, I have now provided private hosting for Sam on my gallardo web server and will do for the foreseeable future free of charge. He has generously made a page about this here.

Go and check out his website @ www.bateman.ml

Peace & love to you all,


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