PC cleanup and rebuild part 1: Transformation

Hey all, so I guess I thought I should write a post about a little project I did myself lately – which was to rebuild the PC. I recently purchased a nVidia GeForce 1060 graphics card, and when I went to fit it – noticed that my Desktop PC could use a clean up inside as it was full of dust, dog hair and the rest of it. The fans were also getting noisy (I think the bearing was going on one or two). Here is a photo of what it started out like:

So yeah, it needed a clean out – as you can tell. So it was off to purchase an air duster and also to get the computer apart. I took out literally every component until I was left with the barebones case that I could clean:


Whilst I had it apart, I also had another idea. Since my computer was previously only used as a home file server also connected to plex and mainly used for streaming – and now I was gonna try and get back into PC gaming – I would steal the SSD from my laptop and put it in the computer to give it a nice boost. I kept the existing drives in the PC for storage, but added the SSD – removing the DVD/RW drive from connectivity.

So the computer was finally cleaned out and put back together. The graphics card installed and all ready to go:

I must admit this photo was taken before the SSD was actually installed.


I must also mention that since the above photo, I have cleaned out the CPU fan and heat sink with an airduster. The reason it wasn’t done when the case was pulled apart is I didn’t want to upset the seating of the processor as the thought of having to re-do that is a painful one.

Another thing that troubled me always was fans. The cooling set up I had before wasn’t ideal – it consisted of various USB fans, plus the stock CPU and case fan that you see in the picture. And for gaming, I’m gonna need some more intensive cooling than just that. I also made the decision to light up my case blue – considering the PSU already does this and the USB fan that i installed to the back of the case does.

I went crazy and bought 2 fans for the top of the case that light up blue. Installed these and here are the results:


Looks pretty cool, especially with the effect of the PSU lighting blue up through the bottom of the case, and a USB fan lighting up blue at the back. But, I’m a little crazy – so I also went out and bought some LED lights for my case to brighten up the case and hopefully show off the internals through the venting in the side. Here are my final results (the lights were off for this photo):


Looks pretty sweet, right?


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