PC cleanup and rebuild part 3: Desk

In the first two posts in this series, I talked about taking the computer apart and rebuilding it, and also detailed the specifications of my PC.

Since I was going down the route of cleaning up, rebuilding and re-purposing my PC for gaming – I needed a desk. It was Lynda’s idea to move the PC to the other side of the living room – and a friend of mine kindly has lent me an Acer 24″ monitor. After purchasing needed cables, I went ahead and moved this across.

I don’t own a computer desk, or even a table big enough. So I went ahead and used a piece of wood that I had, cut it into shape and screwed this to a table and a bookshelf that I already had in the corner. Set up my PC and the set up was looking pretty nice. (Just lacking a computer/gaming chair).

Since the monitor had DVI and HDMI inputs, I also decided to move my Playstation 4 out of the bedroom and into this set up. And I must say, the difference between monitor and TV on PS4 really is noticeable – I’ve heard people say it before, but trust me – you really can see the difference on a 0ms lag monitor.

Here was the initial set up:
Please ignore the mess 🙁


After doing this, Lynda had a great idea to paint this and create a cool design. So between us, we decided to make the desk blue due to the computer lighting up that colour. We also decided to have some graffiti writing on here and eventually agreed that this would be “Gaming is life”. So we had a look on fontspace for a few hours, found a font and then Lynda got designing. She played around with blue, purple, red and black until getting to this:


Just thought I would share as Lynda did an amazing job at my desk for me. So thanks so much babe! 🙂

Again excuse the mess, hope you like the set up.

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