COVID-19 – Shoutout to those in Education

Shout-out to all of the people working in education right now, I think we’re all doing pretty amazing!

Just wanted to take a minute to say that as an IT technician for a high school that the last week has been the most challenging of my working career. I know as well that it has been the same for the all of the senior leaders, teaching staff, admin teams, pastoral teams, caretakers, IT teams, cleaners and all other support staff that work in schools, academies, colleges, universities, nurseries etc. all around the country and in fact the world.

I want to say that everyone has played an amazing and very important part in our ability to prevent the spread of the virus within our buildings, and to be able to take advantage of new technology and enable remote learning/remote working during these difficult times all in aid to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus as well as preventing disruption of all children’s education as much as possible. For that, I can say that I am proud to be a part of #TeamBoughey and I’m proud to be part of #UETrustIT – I’m proud of all of the hard work we have done, and will continue to do, to make all of this possible. As well as and not forgetting that we need to provide effectively a childminding service for vulnerable children, and children of key workers. Schools will also be checking in on all students that don’t attend during the period of closure remotely, either by phone or online, which is a completely new concept to us all but will enable schools to remain safeguarding our communities dispite the doors being closed.

The amount of work being put in and the teamwork between all members of school staff all around the country (and again, around the world) is incredible, so we must take a minute to think about them as we are all, at the moment, in this together – we are all having to deal with this uncertainty, but we are staying strong to get through this and we are working together to adapt to the changes required by us in these unprecedented times.

Remember, wash your hands for at least 25 seconds, use hand sanitizer if necessary. Take the advice in social distancing, minimise social gatherings – we need to take this seriously. If you have symptoms, self isolate including isolating all those that live with you for 14 days. It isn’t just about ourselves, we have to think about everyone else, this is non discriminative and could well affect someone you love and care for.

Most of all stay positive, be kind and look after one another. This is a real test on our humanity and one that we have not faced anything like in all of our lives. Try not to panic too much, remember that the vast majority will recover from this condition if they get it, and only a small amount by comparison will die. We just need to protect the elderly and the vulnerable in our families, and in our communities, as much as we can.

We can get through this. I’m sure of it.

Peace and love everyone.


PS – If you’ve read all of that, I’m impressed.

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