Internet Projects

Domains that I own:,,

Domains I let expire/sold:,,,,,,,,,,,,

I have worked on the following websites: (Gaming), (Gaming), (Website for IRC network, integrated with services), (Blogging Network) and have also made custom CMS (Content Management Systems) in the past with PHP and mySQL.

I have worked on the following IRC networks:, Woomoo IRC, Infinity IRC, Zimbaka IRC, and many more that I don’t remember!

Project Name Description URL
My BPD Blog A project started in December 2017 in hope to make a collection of resources and information around borderline personality disorder in the hope to spread awareness and understanding around the condition. You can see the post I wrote about this project here.

Update: I have later categorised this website into my own, you can see updates here. was an IRC Network that was made for fun. It was running on the IRCu daemon in FreeBSD, over 4 servers. The services were in-house made with PHP and programmed by Daniel Austin MBCS, though I did make my own PHP bot service “Mollie” (named after my parent’s dog) that featured fantasy commands (!topic, etc), a quote database and many other features. – Now offline 🙁
InfinityIRC A project, by Henry Cole. I was a Network Administrator and Services Root Administrator for InfinityIRC for a few months. The network peaked at around 1000 users. – Now offline 🙁
Zimbaka Zimbaka was intended to be a collection of different free internet services and tools that were useful. At one point it had an IRC network, though I later merged it into In it’s later days I developed the website to integrate with IRC so you could have your own profile on the site like a social network. I never finished the code, I didn’t have the time and the domain ran out… – Now offline 🙁

Music Projects

Nially D Music
I write, perform and produce my own music. You can go look for it, on my SoundCloud or YouTube. I also have all of my tracks on this website here.

Internet Radio
I have been the DJ of 2 different radio shows for 3 different stations. Most notably “The Niall Davies Punk,Oi! and Ska show” on S4NR (Station 4 The Nation’s Radio). Though previous to this I was a DJ for a request show that aired on 2 radio stations, Illusion Radio [] (now closed) and PNT (Planet Net Tunes) Radio.

See a post I wrote about my workings in Internet Radio from 2015 here.

I’ve been in quite a few bands and 2 duos, nothing ever that’s got too far but here goes the list; North Career, False Hope, Not Applicable, Accoustical Duo, The Red Nights (lol), Forbidden. I was roughly 11 when I recorded my first song with my mate and I still have the MP3… it’s really terrible that I can promise but great as a memory! Recorded with a laptop’s microphone and Windows Sound Recorder!!

I have in the past, and continue to do for family and friends DJ at parties and provide Karaoke. I’ve done anything from house parties to weddings… I have a PAT testing certificate for all of my equipment and cover mainly the Stoke on Trent area.

See my post about what services I offer from 2013 here.

Niall’s Studio
People who know me knew that when I was younger I had a mini studio – basically a bedroom with music stuff in it!! I still have the recording equipment though as I write this (July 2016) I am not planning to work on any music soon. I have spent many hours recording and recorded some great singers (not myself of course).

I did make a post about this specifying what equipment I was using and how I was set up in 2014 – see it here.

Other projects

I involve myself in many projects – whether alone, with other people, big, or small. I often post updates about them in my blog. This could be anything from me rebuilding my PC to starting up a new website. You can see them in the “My projects” category – the archives even go back a fair way so have fun reading 🙂

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