Published on 11 Aug 2011

A poem put to ukulele by me. The poem is by me and Aidan Howard.


Thursday 4th August, the day it all began.
The day the armed policeman shot down a man.
He believed that the man had a gun,
Investigations went away, and then everything had begun.

Friday 5th August, Peaceful protest begins,
The police lie to the press, then refuse diologue for their sins,
The press don’t report it, they’re not getting heard,
It’s time for uprising, because this is obsurd.

Saturday 6th August, The day the violence begins.
Bottles thrown at patrol cars, all because of policemans sins.
Violence continued throughout the day.
This is the police’s fault, in some way.

Sunday 7th August, 55 people arrested in Tottenham,
26 officers injured, met warn of social media speculation.
Disturbances spread to Enfield and Brixton.
Is there any proof that justice has been done?

Monday 8th August, People take it to far, and start to loot.
Is there any reason for Birmingham and Manchester to follow suit.
Buildings are burnt, Local businesses are burgled,
These citys have worsened and worsened.

Tuesday 9th August, Fatality as man shot in Croydon, Dies.
David Cameron says 16,000 police officers are out on the street, that night.
3 Innocent people were ranover and murdered in hate,
Man tried to revive his son, but it was too late.

This is a poem to all you out there,
Looting and burning innocent houses, how do you dare.
The children ages, 11-14. Do you know what your fighting for.
Are you behaving the way you have been taught.
Listen to Tariq Jahan, Listen real good.
Make Sure you get this well understood.
“Blacks, Asians, Whites, We all live in the same community,
Why are we killing eachother?”

Les Paul (Lester William Polsfuss) Died yesterday – and it was a sad day for a lot of guitarists and musicians in all.

He lived until 94 and he was still performing weekly at the Iridium Jazz Club at his age.

Les Paul is known as a “Guitar Legend” and many people will know him from the Guitar ( The “Gibson Les Paul” ), he was involved in inventing the Solid Body Electric Guitar and when he first went in to Gibson, they laughed him away.

He invented overdubbing (Sound on Sound), Tape Delay and Phasing Effects and famously Multi-Track Recording..

It is sad to see the legend go.. and many musicians around the world I’m sure will be sad too,

What really makes me mad about this, is that when Michael Jackson died there was a big fuss, and still is because MJ was the “King of Pop” – let me just say – Les Paul has done far more for music than MJ and far more than anyone, yet he does not get much of a send off. People dont realise that without Les Paul we would not have the electric guitar, meaning there would be no “Rock” sound. He also invented Multi-Track recording, now what would we do without this? not alot of bands would exist without Les Paul yet MJ gets a bigger send off.

I would like to personally thank Les Paul for inventing the Electric Guitar and also for the Multi-Track Recording, OverDubbing and everything he has done in music. And if not alot of people can see what you have done – screw them!

Rest In Peace Lester William Polsfuss
June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009

View the news story about his death on WikiNews here
View the WikiPedia page for Les Paul here

Here is a YouTube video made for his 90th Birthday (2005)

And if you didnt know.. here is a photo of the “Gibson Les Paul”
Gibson Les Paul

Okay, I have recently bought a Gibson Baldwin SG

I told  a few people this and they were like – But why, you play bass?

Well, newsflash – I play guitar too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for this stupid post, i just needed to get it out lol