Okay, you may know that me and Alex have a site called pl0x Gamers (which is a site about gaming) well, he sorts the content – i do the techy stuff and thats the way it works..

At the moment there is only us two running it, and it is hard for us at the moment as we both have things we need to sort out and also, Alex has just opened his site ( http://www.Al3xAl3x124.co.uk ) which he wants to concentrate on a bit, and also I want to get some things done with this site and also the other sites I work in.. as I am a Global Moderator in about 7 forums and administrator for 16 websites, run a 24 hour IRC bot (MollieD) and also try and provide tech help when i can, it is kinda busy being me xD.

Well, when we do bring back pl0x gamers, it will be bigger and better.. and we will have a bigger team of us including admins, moderators and writers and if you are interested in becoming a writer there when we open in about January time then please email me or Alex ( me: email@iniall95.co.uk – Alex: Alex@Al3xAl3x124.co.uk ) and we should get back to you..

So when we come back, there will be a domain name, more of us ( If Mike comes back he will be on the case) and also we will have more things for you guys to interact with and to do!!

Thanks for the time in reading this, I really do appreciate people who follow this blog and me on whatever..

Thanks Again,

Niall Davies



As you may know i am part of the management team at TTM Extreme and before i have talked about the changes there before on TTMX.If you havent read the post about the changes – you can read it here 🙂

Anyway – one of the changes that we are doing is changing the theme. As i am rubbish at making them i couldn’t really help Mike and Alex with it :S but they have done a great job with it so far.

If you want to get a sneek preview you can go here to see it. Please dont use this as a main site though, as we are using this link whilst we are making it better. And it may have a few bugs at the moment. We will be making more improvements with it with discussions over skype and msn 🙂

If you have never seen TTMX and would like to – check it out here

I will be making videos for it soon too and please if you are into gaming and want to be part of a community then check it out.

Thanks 🙂