So just thought I’d share this as we’ve been testing Windows 10 as part of the implementation process at work and came across this:

Brilliant – Microsoft are finally acknowledging responsibility for their issues. Although the funny part is, group policy is what’s stopping Microsoft account user creation in this situation.

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Here is a list of all the Windows Key shortcuts: (Obviously these only work in a Windows operating system and if you have a Windows keyboard)

WINDOWS KEY [On it’s own] – Start Menu
WINDOWS KEY [+E]Β – Opens a new Windows Explorer window.
WINDOWS KEY [+D] – Minimizes all windows and shows your desktop.
WINDOWS KEY [+D] – Restores all windows.
WINDOWS KEY [+F] – Displays the find all files dialog box.
WINDOWS KEY [+L] – Locks your Windows computer.
WINDOWS KEY [+M] – Minimizes all Windows.
WINDOWS KEY [+Shift+M] – Restores all the open windows how they were before they were minimized.
WINDOWS KEY [+R] – Displays the RUN command dialog.
WINDOWS KEY [+Pause/Break] – Displays the System Properties dialog box.
WINDOWS KEY [+Tab] – Cycle through buttons on the task bar.
WINDOWS KEY [+U] – Displays the Utility Manager.

Surprisingly, I still get asked alot about the Windows Key Keyboard shortcuts.



Okay, I have had Windows 7 Professional for 2 days now and am going to be writing this blog post about my thoughts so far.

The first thing is that, I used to use the Windows 7 Ultimate RC ( Build 7201 ) and I cant see any differences between Ultimate and Professional as yet, either way.

One good thing with Windows 7 is the ability to move things around the taskbar and pin them etc. Also, The right click feature is good on how with Notepad you can pin certain Notepad documents to it etc.

I understand that Windows 7 has a lot of aero effects, but if i enable aero on my laptop, the resolution drops – so I decided ( with help from the DuncsWeb Chatroom ) that i would keep aero effects off and have a high resolution.

I like the Windows 7 feature how you can right click the desktop and click “Screen Resolution” Although, i haven’t yet worked out how to add a second monitor. Although i can imagine it being something easy to do.

So now, I have talked about the good things, Now to the bad..

To be honest, I have not found much bad things about it – Except for some Software/Driver Compatibility (Which is usual for a new Operating System) I haven’t found many bugs. And besides, Windows Compatibility Mode sorts out things like that.

Now, within 2 days of Running Vista – I had already had 1 Blue Screen and I remember it well, as it was my first BSoD and I havent had a BSoD in Win7 .. Oh damn! No! No! Dont do it Win7!!! xD

Another bad thing I have found, is that Firefox seems to run realllllllllllllly slowly – my primary browser being Chrome, That doesnt really bother me much – But for some of you it might.

Let me just make this clear – I will NEVER go back to Vista unless it is COMPLETLY necessary πŸ˜›

Thanks for that, and I will be making more Blog updates about my thoughts throughout the next few weeks πŸ™‚

Niall Davies,

14:30 – Started to Download Windows 7

15:36 – Download 60 % Done

16:53 – Download 96 % Done

17:12 – Okay, so now i have it downloaded and it took about 3 or 4 hours and i have started up the ISO writer – loaded it in and now it has froze

17:14 – Runtime error in my ISO writer (Will have to try again)

17:15 – Started up ISO writer again

17:15 – Set the ISO writer up to burn Windows 7 again and it doesn’t look promosing

17:17 – It is still loading but i dont hear my CD Drive doing anything, may have to get a new ISO Burner πŸ™

17:19 – Argh!! It aint doing anything

17:22 – Ended program (because it wasn’t doing anything)

17:23 – Opened Firefox to look for a new ISO Burner to download (THIS JUSTS WASTES MORE TIME)

17:25 – Downloaded FreeISOBurner

17:27 – No install needed with it – Just a quick download and you’re off! May do a review

17:27 – It is writing it to the Disk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

17:29 – Going to leave it running to get a drink and go the toilet πŸ˜›

17:38 – DONE!!!!!!!

Hey everyone..

As you may know – Windows 7 Will be out on Tuesday and i will be getting it today off somebody i know called Dan – as he is a developer he gets a pre release of it and – As he has got it and i wanted it – he offered to give it to me πŸ™‚

I will be getting a new computer tommorow from my sister as she now has a new one and she is giving me her old one. I shall be putting windows seven on it when i get it. However, i will have to suffer from a CRT Monitor πŸ˜›

Oh well, wi will be doing a review on it and maybe get some screenshots. And i may even do a video on the installation πŸ™‚

Thanks again,