Okay, I’m writing this because not many people seem to know a lot about this… and I’m not claiming to know a lot about it myself, but people who are pointing racist views are so out of touch it’s rediculous. Surely now is the time where all races get together to protect our streets against the current riots. The current riots are not political, and it’s gone out of hand. People seem to think that the only people involved are mixed-race or black youths… Yes, majority is, but there are mixtures of people there, there is white people there, there is older men there looting. And newsflash… Not ALL black/mixed-race people are involved. Stop believing the news or your Dad or the BNP/EDL or whatever when they try to tell you “It’s just them” because it isn’t. Now is the time when people start saying “Get them out of the country, all they do is kick off” and that is completely the wrong view point to take. Also, you weirdos who want it to kick off in stoke there, lets bear in mind that these riots are no longer political, but thug games… and so, innocent people are affected. I know a lot of people in Stoke, and I don’t want their houses/cars/businesses affected for no reason. If this was a protest against the police, then why are people involving innocent people? If it was just us versus the police in political protest, I would accept a few police cars on fire, or a police station broken into or whatever. But at the moment, this is just mindless violence and vandalism, and thats got nothing to do with the original protests.

Right, so the reason for the rioting? I’m not sure anymore but the original goings on were a peaceful protest in tottenham because a man was murdered by police officers and then the police lied about it, saying that he opened fire first. Some people are saying he had a gun, some people are saying he wasn’t armed. The original story the police put out about an officer getting shot is a lie. and the bullet that was recovered from that officers radio was of a police MP5 bullet. So a police officer shot another one, and then they killed a man. Anyway… thats how I understand the story. The peaceful protest they had was not listened to by any press/newspapers/etc and the police refused diologue. Now you tell me, if you’ve got a peaceful protest and you’re not getting heard, how do you expect to become heard? And thats how it originally kicked off. When they did smash windows, throw things at police, set things on fire (I mean, originally). They got heard about… And suddenly its a global news story. All the original protesters wanted was to be heard.

The riot, however, for no reason it seems spread around London, to Birmingham, to Manchester, etc. And people are saying this was maybe political and could have partially been. Opportunists took to the streets to kick off, maybe to “piss the police off” as one guy who was interviewed said, and thats where it got out of hand. Like I’ve said before, I don’t agree with mindless violence, vandalism and innocent people getting involved. If this was political (which it no longer is) then we’re doing this the wrong way. Yesterday and today however, we can’t call it a riot, and we can’t call it “Anarchy”. The term “Anarchy” is being against the state, and the current “yobs” (old, young, black, white, or whatever) involved are just breaking into shops and stealing what they get.

Now some people are saying the reason for the breaking in the shops is due to financial trouble, and people are just getting what they want because they can’t afford otherwise. Some people are saying its in protest against the bankers, the government, and everything else. But to be honest, I say this is bullshit… As half the people out there don’t have a clue who the prime minister is. They’re just stealing stuff to sell it, to buy drugs. A lot of this is gang operation now and needs to stop.

I’ve tried to be as balanced as possible here, but of course including my own view. Like i said, now is not the time to support racism, we need to stand together to protect our country. Breaking into shops isn’t anarchy, it’s mindless vandalism… How can that be political now?

Global Warming is an issue that Humans have caused and i know that it is a bad thing and we want to develop more renewable energy but if we change now then how will that help? Seeing as how we have already caused enough damage to the atmosphere we cannot create more really can we?

Well in geography at school i have been doing about Oil and how we can be using renewable resources instead because of The Greenhouse Effect and also Global Warming.

My opinion on Global Warming is that we will become immune to it – as animals have lived through Climate Changes before – such as the Ice Age and i believe (you are probably gonna tell me i am lying) but i believe that evolution is already taking place in developing how we deal with Global Warming.

A recent study on the sun says that it has not alot of Solar Activity or Solar Flares, this means the sun is cooler than it was before – The question i ask is: Is this what the sun is doing to prevent earth being affected as much.

I know that we have a hell of alot of Greenhouse gasses and it IS warming up – but we have got to face the truth: We will get through this, and any damage to the atmosphere we have done is not going to reverse itself so easily!

I am now going to quote a verse from “Its Warming Up” by “TV Smith”

“And when the powers that be,
Finally wake up and see,
That they have to do something,
They’ll go on TV,
And proclaim the solution,
Just Might be in reach,
Because it’s warming up..”