Well, where do I start, there are so many issues with society… But theres a few I want to focus on in this post. Firstly, I would like to say sorry for not updating this blog in a while, and I know a teacher of mine read my previous post which mentioned the previous incedent with my headteacher and the mobile phone. Whether or not that post should be on the internet, it’s staying here. Also, I would like to mention that I arrived home here at 10:20, and that was due to me leaving early from school. This was due to a few issues, but the main one was the fact that my headteacher told me she’d speak to me in 10 minutes, and then still didn’t come to speak to me, 40 minutes later, when I left. Yes, she may be busy and I understand that, but don’t tell me 10 minutes if it’s not going to be that long. I am borderline autistic, so I expect 10 minutes. I felt that I waited there long enough, and then decided to leave to come home. After my mum got a phone call home, I think the school were surprised that my Mum was on my side. In fact, she told me, and I quote “if you get put in the quiet room, you may as well come home.” I stayed in there an hour today, so you’re lucky. I was told before I left that there were consequences to my decision, and that my decision was wrong. So I said “voting the Nazis into Germany was wrong, it happened, live with it.”. So yeah… can I also add that it is an Ofsted regulation that any punishment has to be relevant to what the young person has done, a day in isolation is not relevant to missing a senior-management team detention. This leads me to point on an issue in society which is getting worse;

People worry about consequences too much…

Back when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister (a time this country would like to forget), and times around them, we had the most solidarity in this country. We had the Southall Riot, Brixton Riots, Miners Strike, Toxteth Riot, Mosside Riot, Handsworth Riots, the Chapeltown race riot and the Poll tax riots. There were probably more, but thats all I shall quote. The fact is that these people all had reasons to riot or in the case of the miners strike, to strike. Everyone stood together, there was no (or very little) “Sod you, Jack”.  And then Margaret Thatcher bought in various Trade Union laws, which I could argue against forever. But what I’m trying to say is, back then people stood up for what they believed no matter what the consequeces. The miners in the miners strike for example lost money and couldn’t afford to pay for food. Where has that fight gone in British society? why do people put up with things that are unsustainable? People disagree with things in society these days, like new laws, changes in companies where they work, increases in taxes, and they moan about it. But nobody’s actually out there doing things about it. Well, there are, but few people.

Where has that fight gone out of the working man? That’s what I want to know. Can’t you see that you can have the world that you want if you fight for it, and you make it happen? You can do whatever you want to, change whatever you want, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t…

Don’t be scared of consequences. Any “hero” didn’t/doesn’t, like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and to extend it to musicians, Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg, The King Blues.  This is somewhat a plea for Anarchy, because in my eyes nobody has a higher power than anyone, the people have the majority voice here. There’s more people in the country than there is in parliament, there’s more non-police than police. If this was a true democracy, the people would actually get what they want.

“The world that you’re always looking for, lies right here in front of us, just outside the door. And it’s up to you to go out there and paint the canvas, after all you put on the earth to do this” -The King Blues

“This land is your land” -Woodie Guthrie.

“Unbelievable, still we believe it, Impossible to sustain, still we put up with it” -TV Smith.
The question is, why?

“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” -Ross Perot


Niall x

Viva La Punk. Just One Life. Anarchy!

K, the title is quoted from the song “Beautiful” by Eminem, which is a brilliant song which you should listen to the lyrics from… http://www.metrolyrics.com/beautiful-lyrics-eminem.html

Over the last few months, I’ve learnt that people can’t accept my way of life, they see something that is different and immediately assume that it’s wrong. As far as i’m concerned, i’m winning. I’m Niall Davies, you aint gonna fuck with me. You may take me down, but i’ll go down fighting… and I’ll get back up again. I don’t easily disapeer.

My main point is that people are scared to stand up to the suits, just because people have posh titles, just because people have letters on the end of their name, when I say fuck it, if they can’t respect me, I don’t respect them. Now people will say “that’s unethical”, “that’s wrong”, “that’s crazy”. And to the people who think that, I give a big FUCK YOU. Because at the end of the day, this is my way of life. If you see something wrong with it, that’s your problem, not mine.

People moan about things all the time, and don’t do ANYTHING about it. And this pisses me off, i’m fed up of threats and this is why I make promises and not threats. I will stand up to anything I believe, and I WILL get heard, no matter how I have to do it. Because I’ve got nothing to lose. Let me give you a very recent example of this…

I had an argument with my headteacher yesterday, because one of the teachers confiscated my mobile phone. I explained (truthfully) that it was an accident and that it came on in my pocket and made a noise. Now, most people at this point would use common sense and accept that that happens, and give me my phone back. But she said that I couldn’t have it until my parents rang in to confirm. I told her that this was not possible as my parents work until 8pm, and she said that I couldn’t have my phone until the next day. I then asked her again to give me my phone, and she refused again, and as you can tell by this point I got annoyed, and told her to “fuck off”. I think it’s funny that when I later had to meet with her with my nan she changed the story. My nan later said that my headteacher didn’t address the issues as she should. I started quoting possible consequences and actual Ofsted regulations to her and she couldn’t handle it. She then took the high ground and said that she could get the police in, or could exclude me, or be put in the quiet room. And I told her to do it. She didn’t. When I spoke to her today, she changed her story again saying that I could’ve approached her nicely (which I actually did) and spoke to her “as an adult”. At the time, as witnesses will say it didn’t seem that the subject was up for discussion, and at no time in my school does anything get up for discussion. She even threw me out of her office when I said that her system wasn’t working. The reason I said that was because she said that the school council were discussing things with forms, and i’ve never discussed anything. Surely she isn’t stupid enough to think how she wants things to happen actually happens? it isn’t a perfect world. But yeah, essentially, I’m still winning. She told me she wants my input on a new “democratic” system for the school… and i’m not gonna waste this opportunity. She practically backed down from me because I think she knows that I aint going to give up, no matter what. We could discuss it til 4am but I’m not going to agree with her. As far as I’m concerned, my phone is my property and taking it off me is stealing. Also, if id’ve been abducted by some kind of paedophile on the way home then it would’ve come into the papers that my headteacher confiscated my phone and so I couldn’t contact the police, or my parents. It would’ve looked good for her wouldn’t it. The “criminal damage” that she was on about involving the police for was me throwing some bins around…

At the end of the day the message people need to learn from me is, that I’m never done. You’re never going to make me back down. You fuck with me, and I’m gonna fuck with you. People can’t accept my personality, and like I said if you can’t, that’s your problem, so fuck off… Don’t try to get me to change or say something I don’t want to say. Because I won’t.

I’m gonna be following this up soon, and you know what, I don’t give a shit about any consequences that anyone throws at me… at the end of the day, You can throw me to the ground, but I will get back up and fight. The world needs people like me, without people like me, nothing would ever get done and we’d all do as we said and live in dictatorships, where the police rule the country, where you’re not even allowed to smoke in your own houses, and where we’re on camera everywhere, literally in our own bedrooms.


Niall x

Well, it’s my birthday soon, gonna be 16. And yes, that means I’m gonna be legal. There must be no God!

Some people confuse me, some people have pissed me off, and it turns out you can’t tell even your family things in confidence, because the next minute, the whole street knows. Band practice was good yesterday though, so that’s a good point. Otis just needs to work on his singing, lyrics knowledge and especially his confidence. I think if he gets his confidence up he’ll be better with his singing.

What I may do, is invite some people to our next practice, but I don’t know yet, we’ll have to see – as transport there could be an issue. Can’t invite more than 3 people otherwise they’re gonna think we’re planning a gig… haha. Don’t want to take mum+dad either though because i smoke.. I know someone’s gonna say “simple, give up smoking”. But, it’s not that easy.

Life’s going well i suppose, not brilliant, but it never is. For a pessimist, I’ve been very optimistic. Although, I think some things may be happening too fast for me to handle right now. I just need to have a couple of days break to deal with things. I spend my time pushing towards these things, and then can’t handle them when the opportunity happens it seems… but, I’ll get there.

The world is a twisted circle, yes, there is no room left for fate. But if we keep pushing we will get a better life, we will get a better world. A world where people won’t discriminate. Where the police don’t oppress the nation but we still have good enough discapline. A world where you don’t have to work until you’re old. I’m part of a movement, and we aint gonna stop. And this is why i wrote this poem:

You will never beat our anger,
You will never take us down,
We’re the only fuckers left,
In this sad and lonely town.

This place now reminds us,
Of the better time to be.
When “The Clash” wrote “Cut the crap”,
And the “Pistols” played for free.

Its time for an uprising,
And there’s blood to be shed,
The news came through this morning,
Bin Laden’s finally dead.

But we don’t believe in that crap,
Because nobody even saw it,
And America started the war for oil,
And revenge, well, we’re all for it.

It’s ok for you to say,
Who’s right and wrong to die,
But you just read the newspapers,
And they’re all full of lies.

Because Murdoch owns them all,
He’ll tell you what to think,
He could get the whole country,
To dance and dress in pink.

So you join the racist groups,
Cos you need someone to blame,
You say politicians are innocent,
You should hang your heads in shame.

And protesting is wrong,
You dare not step out of line,
Because your parents bought you up that way,
And you’re best mates with the swine.

But you cannot turn to the police,
Because the police dont give a damn,
They’d punch you in the face,
Well, Just because they can.

But we people stand together,
We fight for a better world,
Listening to “The King Blues”,
Doing things that are “obsurd”.

But the papers call us names,
“Animals”, “yobs”, “thieves”
But you will see for yourself,
Only the middle class they can decieve.

But the middle class are always right,
On panarama, crimewatch and the news,
There’s no place for the protesters,
Where they can share their views.

So when you just don’t listen,
It makes us all fight back,
And its sad that it ends,
In some violent attack.

You shouldn’t involve innocents,
But that’s the way you’re heard,
Because the police are sitting in the station,
Talking about ‘fit birds’…

And you wonder why the people,
are all so full of hate,
When you spent your whole night watching porn,
Having “real or fake” debates…

Because life is perfect for you,
Your on 70 grand a year,
And your best mate has got nothing,
He spends all day drinking beer.

But as long as you covered your own back,
You can call other people ‘gay’.
Because you’ve ran out of insults,
And you think this is okay.

But You will never beat our anger,
You will never take us down,
Even if we are the only fuckers left,
In this sad and lonely town.


Niall ‘fat’ Davies.

Okay, before I start this post I will admit that i am being hypocritical, by using Spotify whilst writing this post, but still, my point will go up here…

I appreciate that anything you own, can be distributed, traded, lended out, and you can physically hold it and say it is yours. With Vinyl (which audiophiles will love me for mentioning), you had all of this. You owned the album. You could let other people borrow it, you could trade it, you could sell it, and the actual album was yours. With CDs, although people weren’t to happy with the analogue to digital switch in music, you were able to still own a copy of an album, that you could do what you wanted with. Personally, I like owning CDs even if it is annoying to store them, and even if i do rip them to 320k mp3s. I still feel that I own the album. I can trade it, sell it, lend it to a friend or whatever. Surely that’s what it’s always been about? In the days of MP3, music is being taken away from the ownership of people, and more of a digital trade. This could be good, or bad… MP3s however, could still be traded, shared, burnt to a CD or whatever. However, you didn’t own a physical copy of it. You may have a hard drive with that on, but you don’t physically own the album you “downloaded” whether legally or illegally. By the way, illegal downloading is wrong, it is a crime that you can be prosicuted for, and it makes new/small bands struggle. So don’t do it. With Spotify now though, you don’t even download the MP3 really, you can just listen to it by streaming, and even if it’s for offline use… you can only use that for Spotify… You don’t ever actually own the music that you want to listen to, and as someone that highly appreciates music, and the music industry, it makes me wonder whether we are killing what used to be a great thing. Maybe it’s more convenient to just download the tracks and listen, but I never feel as if i own something unless i can physically touch it, trade it, sell it or whatever. Which is why I more often than not buy CDs.

I may be wrong in my rant, but It was an important point to get across.


Niall ‘fat’ Davies.

Okay, I’m writing this because not many people seem to know a lot about this… and I’m not claiming to know a lot about it myself, but people who are pointing racist views are so out of touch it’s rediculous. Surely now is the time where all races get together to protect our streets against the current riots. The current riots are not political, and it’s gone out of hand. People seem to think that the only people involved are mixed-race or black youths… Yes, majority is, but there are mixtures of people there, there is white people there, there is older men there looting. And newsflash… Not ALL black/mixed-race people are involved. Stop believing the news or your Dad or the BNP/EDL or whatever when they try to tell you “It’s just them” because it isn’t. Now is the time when people start saying “Get them out of the country, all they do is kick off” and that is completely the wrong view point to take. Also, you weirdos who want it to kick off in stoke there, lets bear in mind that these riots are no longer political, but thug games… and so, innocent people are affected. I know a lot of people in Stoke, and I don’t want their houses/cars/businesses affected for no reason. If this was a protest against the police, then why are people involving innocent people? If it was just us versus the police in political protest, I would accept a few police cars on fire, or a police station broken into or whatever. But at the moment, this is just mindless violence and vandalism, and thats got nothing to do with the original protests.

Right, so the reason for the rioting? I’m not sure anymore but the original goings on were a peaceful protest in tottenham because a man was murdered by police officers and then the police lied about it, saying that he opened fire first. Some people are saying he had a gun, some people are saying he wasn’t armed. The original story the police put out about an officer getting shot is a lie. and the bullet that was recovered from that officers radio was of a police MP5 bullet. So a police officer shot another one, and then they killed a man. Anyway… thats how I understand the story. The peaceful protest they had was not listened to by any press/newspapers/etc and the police refused diologue. Now you tell me, if you’ve got a peaceful protest and you’re not getting heard, how do you expect to become heard? And thats how it originally kicked off. When they did smash windows, throw things at police, set things on fire (I mean, originally). They got heard about… And suddenly its a global news story. All the original protesters wanted was to be heard.

The riot, however, for no reason it seems spread around London, to Birmingham, to Manchester, etc. And people are saying this was maybe political and could have partially been. Opportunists took to the streets to kick off, maybe to “piss the police off” as one guy who was interviewed said, and thats where it got out of hand. Like I’ve said before, I don’t agree with mindless violence, vandalism and innocent people getting involved. If this was political (which it no longer is) then we’re doing this the wrong way. Yesterday and today however, we can’t call it a riot, and we can’t call it “Anarchy”. The term “Anarchy” is being against the state, and the current “yobs” (old, young, black, white, or whatever) involved are just breaking into shops and stealing what they get.

Now some people are saying the reason for the breaking in the shops is due to financial trouble, and people are just getting what they want because they can’t afford otherwise. Some people are saying its in protest against the bankers, the government, and everything else. But to be honest, I say this is bullshit… As half the people out there don’t have a clue who the prime minister is. They’re just stealing stuff to sell it, to buy drugs. A lot of this is gang operation now and needs to stop.

I’ve tried to be as balanced as possible here, but of course including my own view. Like i said, now is not the time to support racism, we need to stand together to protect our country. Breaking into shops isn’t anarchy, it’s mindless vandalism… How can that be political now?