I was browsing the “onevalefan” forums ( http://www.onevalefan.co.uk ) and I found this…

we’re ****. He’s ruinin the club. Bring back dean glover. Do1 happy clappers.

This post was by a user named “Finklebrowon the forums.

Now, Dean Glover didnt do a good job with vale, and Micky Adams is doing a good job, and he has previous experience at this level, just because he has had a few bad games, dosen’t mean it is Adams’ fault.

May I just say I love this reply to it:

Finkelbrow is obviously Dean Glover, or is related to today’s referee and we all know what he is.

That by rayzerxD

Thanks, and still – WTF? If you know of the reasons why Adams should be out – and cannot justify the good things he has bought from the club, then please comment. If you are thinking “WTF” like me, also make a comment

I just dont get these silly people… If we had the best manager in the world, they still wouldnt be happy…

Niall Davies,

Okay, my score prediction before the match was 2-1 to vale, my dad’s was 2-0 and my brother’s 3-2 – You may be thinking. Vale win against Rotherham? and they didnt, but we usually do well against sides that are better than us – And to be honest even though we lost today we were the better side.

In about the 30th-32nd Minute (cant remember exact) we went 1-0 down :(, but then not so long after, Luke Prosser came in and scored a goal for us and it was 1-1.

After this, Luke Prosser knocked one of their players down, I don’t know whether this was by accident or on purpose, but it happened. Then Mark Richards went to help the player up and when he did the player hit Mark Richards and the referee gave both Luke Prosser and Mark Richards a yellow card.

Following this, there was another incedent in their half (I didnt quite catch what happened) and Luke Prosser was sent off.

3 Minutes time was allowed on the end of the first half..

Considering in the second half we only had 10 men, we did awesome and definatly were the dominant side, Except the 4 minutes added time… where Rotherham scored there second goal.

I am glad I went to the match today, It was an excellent one, but the ref let us down.. A bad ending to a good game, in my opinion.

Here are my tweets (from my mobile) During the game..

Another home match at the vale.. you can tell because it’s raining xD

At vale Yay!

At Vale and were 1-0 down..

1-1 to vale. Luke prosser.

Prosser sent off and 3 mins time allowed

Half time. 1-1. 10 men. Meh.

4 mins time 1-1. Awesome game tho

A bad ending to a good game. 2-1 to The opposition.

I went to Vale today to watch us lose against Luton Town. We lost 3-1 (We managed to get the first goal in) Well, the beggining of the first half was boring – until we scored our goal which was great (We were 1-0 up!!!) – This gave us confidence i think and we were attacking them but i don’t think that Marc Richards did as well as he could have done! Close to the end of the first half – they scored (it was 1-1)

In the second half we didn’t really do much – We took off Richards and they scored so it was 2-1 to them, Later they scored another one to make it 3-1

After the game ended everyone bood the players off and then we went to the main entrance where there was a protest going on! The protest was to “Sack the board” and get “Glover Out” – i don’t think Glover did much wrong but they seemed to be personal hate to him as when he came out to speak to the fans they shouted abuse, and they also shouted abuse to his son Danny. I think that they shouldn’t be annoyed with them because Dean is doing the best he can! He just aint got the money to do it – So i agree with the protest to get rid of Valiant 2001 and we should put (as one banner said) “Vale For Sale!”

That is my review on todays game and the protest

Cheers everyone,