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This website has had many changes over the years, although it has mainly stayed the same as a personal website and blog for me. However, in 2018, it is a new “project” of mine to start “myBPDblog” which I hope to keep a resource for myself, and if it helps someone else, or spreads awareness – then surely the world can turn out a tiny-little bit better?

For more information regarding website updates, see the “Website Updates” blog category.

This website is powered by FreeBSD, Apache Web Server, PHP7, mySQL and WordPress. It is kindly hosted by a friend, Daniel Austin MBCS at Netnorth, Lancashire.

HTTPS was enabled in 2017, and ND.me.uk code was changed to force users to access via HTTPS on 07/05/2017. My original plan was to build a blog into a custom CMS, but as WordPress is pretty nice I thought I’d use that instead.

There are two main links to this website; www.nd.me.uk and niall.davies.me

On another note, a friend of mine runs a website hosted on my Gallardo VM and is trying to promote the awareness of Autism and ADHD. I made a post about it here. Go check it out – www.bateman.ml.

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