Okay, so I thought what might be useful is to get a list of some groups on Facebook that you can join, this is helpful to myself because as someone diagnosed with BPD – I find it comforting to fit in with a community where I can recognise that I am not alone.

Please note however, that although these groups are great for seeking advice, you should always seek professional advice where necessary. The people who run these groups are usually not mental health professionals, and many of them are people diagnosed with BPD themselves – so please take that in consideration and check any group rules before joining or posting. Some (if not all) of these groups are restricted and you will need to gain permission from an admin to join.

I must also note that although I am myself members of most (if not all) of these groups listed, I am not affiliated with any of them in any way. If you know of any other groups or pages, feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll happily share them. 🙂

Also, there are the following Facebook pages which you can “Like” or “Follow”:

Hopefully, I will keep this list updated as I go along.

Okay.. As you may know that Mozilla is the company that made the Firefox browser and also the Thunderbird email client.

Well this month they released “Prism” which allows you to turn web applications into desktop applications. I have been using this with Facebook and the only bug i have found is that you have to use the pop up chat, but anyway – it is a great program and it is so easy to use!

It also gets the Favicon from the site and makes it the icon of it.

I may do a video on this and may do some more posts on it… i will be trying out other sites with it